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The purpose of this website is to offer my services of tutoring, researching and event planning.  These services fund the existence of this website.  So, please take advantage of my services.  Thank you.
                                                                    Marcus Lacewell

This really did happen.

I think God is Tryin' to tell me somethin' (This really happened)It's 4a.m. Fri. morning 5/24/2013. I just had a vivid, detailed dream. Me and three other men were on a stage, in front of an audience. We were in front of an audience b/c someone thought that it would be a good idea to have some of our conversation, that we have at my house, in front of an audience. There was a 'Black and Mild' and cigarette being passed amoungst us four (2 men to my left and one on my right). I would just pass it on, when they came to me, and I'd say, 'I don't smoke anymore.'We were talking and the crowd was listening. Then, we were just sitting siilently, as we normally do between topics of conversation. Then, the audience began to get restless and began speaking their displeasures to a man walking around with a microphone. I began to whisper to the guy on my right, " See, they are not ready for this. They want continuous talking.' As I was whispering, the audience quieted, trying to hear what I was saying. My voice started growing from a whisper to a yell. "Only a few have the patience to really hear. (I stand up, walking toward the audience,towards the front end of the stage) But, I Want You All To Hear! YOU... YOU....YOU...AND YOU!" (The audience begin clapping, standing and walking toward the stage's steps. I look to my left and see Rasheed, coming from the back of the audiance, clapping.) Then, I wake up.I go back to sleep. I'm toward the back of a gas station like convenience store, getting some fish. (grouper to be specific) Not fresh fish, but falleted fish in a plastic package. I walked to the front part of the store, to get something to drink. A man approached me and said, "Will you baptize me?" I said, "I'm not a preacher, I'm a convict, like you." He said, "But, I know you. You're Marcus. I'm blind, what stops you from baptizing me?" Then I woke up again thinking, 'I'm not a convict.' Now it's 5:50 a.m.



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It is a commonly statement, by the U.S. government, that Justice is blind. This statement is so common that there has been statues, paintings, monuments, etc. erected, around this country, that are branded with it. Yet, like many other national statements (Ex. 'In God We Trust' and the statement on the Statue of Liberty), our actions show the opposite. The Racial Justice Act (RJA) directly proves that justice is not blind.
Under the provisions of the North Carolina Racial Justice Act, passed in 2009 and one of only two such statutes in the nation, allows death-row inmates to present evidence that race influenced their sentencing process.
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