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“People are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves. They therefore remain bound.” 

― James Allen 
Before you decide to agree or disagree, it is important to realize the lack of information.  This is a statement that is sometimes true and sometimes false.  (Like the letter -y- being a vowel.)  Because of this, this statement cannot be used as an example, for an argument.
This statement is false in fatal situations.  For example, when an over-weight person has heath problems, due to their weight.  On one hand, the person has death.  On the other hand, the person can change/'improve' their lifestyle/them self.  Most times, not all, the person would improve them self and their circumstances.
This statement is, generally, true in non-fatal situations.  For example, when a person experiences a 'negative' or 'near-death' situation, due to their actions.  It is, normally, always desired to improve the situation/circumstance without the willingness to change/improve them self.  Yet, this unwillingness can change a situation from nonfatal to fatal.  
In both situations, self improvement is used as a tool to rectify negative situations.  Normally, people are not willing to improve themselves until a situation turns negative.  So, we see that people are, normally, bound by their situations/circumstances.  Even when situations/circumstances turn negative, many people are not willing to improve themselves.  This unwillingness causes people to continually 'fall' into similar negative situations.  Unlearn.

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