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Are you afraid to be around people that talk, or act, different from you? Don't be a hypocrite. When you are sick, don't you go to the hospital? Is everyone at the hospital sick? No, the doctor isn't sick. Just avoid catching another person's sickness too. Yet, many sick people put on the doctor's clothes. But, many sick people still go to see sick doctors because of their misconception that any hospital has non-sick doctors.
As any math proof, one can tell the legitimacy, of the hospital, by comparing its characteristics. We hold food to these standards every day. How can you tell that food is bad? 1. Does it smell? 2. Is it discolored? 3. Does it taste odd? 4........5........ You can do the same with hospitals. Yet, many people have false Truths to compare hospitals to. For example, if I were to say: the letter 'y' is a vowel. That's true, but only sometimes. So, that would be a false Truth. Many people have Truths that are only true some of the time. So, many hospitals are, unknowingly, treating people to be sick.
On the other hand, it is known that the hospital is a place for the sick to get well. But, the sick does not always want to get well. This is when many people intentionally go to hospitals with sick doctors. This is to make it appear, to others, that they are trying to get well. But, in reality, the goal is to remain sick. Unlearn.

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