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3of3 from 1998
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1of3 that I wrote in 1998, before my accident.
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3of3 from 1998

Can You Stand the Rain?
BY: Marcus Lacewell

No matter what type of life one lives thunderstorms will be a common occurrence, in their lifetime. Many people see rain as being a burden, but, in reality, it can be a blessing, upon all of us. We must look at each shower as being an aid to overcome the next. In major storms, it is natural to feel that finding shelter is hopeless, when every raindrop feels worse than the, overall, storm. I have found that no one can survive EVERY storm alone, no matter how much rain one feels that they can stand.   Everyone needs a helping hand from a "brother," to provide a guide to shelter. Everyone is different. This is why some people have not survived to see another glimmer of sunshine. This doesn't make them any weaker then another, they just allowed their puddles to get deep. For, there are ways to stop the rain and bring out the sun again.
Many are told, but few recognize, that wisdom falls with every drop of rain. This wisdom gives one shelter when similar storms come. It seems that the wisest people have been in the most thunderstorms, but that is not always true. Foolish "men" may have been through the same showers, but his faith does not allow him to see the difference between the rain and the wisdom, as they fall. This is when we continue to get caught in the same storms without noticing their similarities. Then, we begin to lose faith in ourselves, to be able to overcome any storms. As this happens, we begin to forget how the sun feels. From that point, puddles begin to form around us. We, all, need the shelter of our "brother." It is known that many people feel that this help is not needed and that they can survive on their own. But, as the storms continue and the puddle begin to form, they accept their "brother's" shelter not knowing that their puddles may already be too deep. One must not allow their pride to take them to this point. Unfortunately, many believe that pride is always a shelter, but sometimes pride blinds us from the wisdom that falls, with each storm. When one's pride steps in the way, of this wisdom, one begins to be led to storms that were never meant to be felt. Everyone holds a piece of the key that unlocks the door to everlasting sunshine. Those who guide their "brothers," and are not afraid to be guided, are assisting in the formation of this key. Through this, they are gaining knowledge of ways to overcome storms that they have not yet encountered.
It is natural to have happiness and faith when the sun glimmers on our lives, but will you still have that faith and happiness when the storms come. No one will escape the rain, so prepare your mind for the showers, that life brings, and keep your eyes open for the wisdom that they hold. Everyone loves sunny days, but one question remains. Can you stand the rain?

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Marcus Lacewell on Friday, July 01, 2016 11:47 AM
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john on Friday, June 30, 2017 5:28 AM
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